American Wirehair


     American Wirehair appeared in 1966 on a farm near New York. 


     The fur of the American Wirecat is unique among cats. Each hair is bent or hooked, giving the animal a harsh, dense, springy coat. Apart from this special feature, the cat is similar to the American Shorthair, with its typically strong, muscular body.
     They are said to be friendly, intelligent, adaptable, sweet-tempered, affectionate. There is some contradiction – one authority describes this cat as quiet and reserved, while others say it is playful, zany, independent and inquisitive. Because its hair stands on end, it has been described as ‘the punk of the feline world’. It has also been said to ‘rule its home and other cats with an iron paw’.

Colour Forms: Like the other 'American something' breeds wirehairs are allowed to be of almost any coloration.
Colors: White, Black, Blue, Red, Cream, Chinchilla Silver, Shaded Silver, Shell Cameo (Red Chinchilla), Shaded Cameo (Red Shaded), Black Smoke, Blue Smoke, Cameo Smoke (Red Smoke), Classic Tabby, Mackerel Tabby, Sliver Tabby, Red Tabby, Brown Tabby, Blue Tabby, Cream Tabby, Cameo Tabby, Tortie, Calico, Dilute Calico, Blue-Cream, Bicolour.

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