Bengal was developed in the USA in 1960s. Bengal is rather a wild-looking cat. It is large for a domestic breed, with females weighing 4.5-5.5 kg (10-12lb) and the males as much as 10 kg (22lb). It has a powerful, long, sleek, muscular body with high hindquarters, large feet, large and round paws, and a characteristically spotted coat. Even the belly is spotted. The fur is short to medium in length, silky, soft and thick. The tail-tip is black.
    Altough Bengal kittens are born spotted, their initially rough fur disguises the patterning for three to four months.
Bengals are intelligent, agile, alert, active, athletic, cunning, curious, busy, powerful, determined, outgoing, social, loving, affectionate, confident and independent. They are fond of water, love climbing and play-hunting.
Color forms: Leopard, Marble, Snow leopard, Snow Marble, Sorrel (Golden), Mink.
Further reading for Bengal lovers:
Guide to Owing a Bengal Cat by Jean S. Mill.

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