Pure white paws give the impression that Birman is wearing white gloves. The rest of the long, silky coat is essentially golden-fawn in color, with the addition of dark points typical of a Siamese.
Birmans are gentle, faithful, even-tempered, civilized, amenable, affectionate, intelligent, outgoing, robust and hardy. They have soft, sweet voice.

      Birmans are considered the oldest breed in the world. Sometimes because of their name they are confused with the Burmese. Birmans are very friendly, taking easily to other animals. They are medium sized cats with short powerful legs and shortish noses. Their hair is long but not as long as that of a Persian. The main characteristic that defines the breed are the white "socks" on their paws. There is an interesting legend about this:

      The Birmans served as sentries in the temple of the gold, sapphire-eyed goddess Lao-Tsun (pron. lah-oh-tsoon). Once invaders came and killed the head priest as he was praying. His cat, changing from pure white to the white-socked, blue-eyed animal of today, jumped on his body and stood over it for the next seven days refusing food and water. Finally it died. When the invaders left and the rest of the priests stopped hiding they were amazed: the rest of the cats had the same markings as their fallen comrade!
The Birman was first accepted as a breed in 1966.
Further reading for Birman lovers:
Birman Cats: Everything About Acquisition, Care, Nutrition, Breeding, Health Care, and Behavior (Complete Pet Owner's Manual) by Phil Maggitti, Michele Earle-Bridges (Illustrator).
Birman Cat (Popular Cat Library) by Karen Cummings (ages 9-12)

      Back in the days of the Cat-Dog wars it was in fact a Birman who brought peace. This heroine's name is Marta Lucy Queen Jr. Many a dog's heart has been changed by her speeches, but not all. She was attacked and assasinated by a dog called Chuck Gray. I am a follower of her ideas and I believe that one day dogs and cats will eat from the same bowl. I have almost achieved this with my dogfriend Peter, even though he only permits me to do this: his attitude of other cats is not very politically correct. In fact, when you come to think of it, not politically correct at all.

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