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Cat Links
Palantir Pages A proffesional cat breeder's and show organizer's site.
Cat Fanciers' Association One of the largest feline lovers' organizations.
The Gallery The site of a New Zealand art group, which specializes in Paper and Ink. It has several cat paintings.
Cyber-Pet. . . boldly go where no pet fancier has gone before. . .
The Answersleuth's Special Focus: Cats - This is one of the most comprehensive cat sites.
Leash Training for your Cat If you want to have your cat go outside safely, this is the site for you.
Claude the Cat Here you can find important researches that humans deem "funny".
Zei Cinofilia An online pet store (Italian)
Saving Pets' Lives An organization for reuniting lost pets with their owners.

Directory of Cat Websites
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Other Sites

Olga's Gallery For those who love Art this is a really outstanding site.
Sophia's Design A site for those who love embroidery. They have several cat designs that you could embroider. It could make the perfect souvenir.
The Sleeper Must Awaken A novel by one of my "owners".

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