General Info on Breeds

Body Build Types:
Every breed has its own body build but basically there are three different kinds:
Lithe - wedge shaped head, narrow shoulders and hind and long legs.
Muscular (this is just a name it has nothing to do with strength) - slightly round head, medium legs, shoulders and hind. 
Cobby - flat face, short legs, round head, wide shoulders and hind.

Coat Tipping:
Is the way the individual hairs of a cat are colored. The main types are a) untipped, b) shell, c) shaded, d) smoke and e) ticked. 

    a           b       c        d        e

Coat Coloration:
See the Color Chart.

This is the longest type of fur with guard hairs reaching a length of up to 12 cm. The down hairs are much shorter by comparison. Awn hairs are either absent or very sparse. The cats who have this are usually Persian-based breeds such as the Kashmir, Himalayan or Ragdoll.
                                                                                                Persian type hair>
The Angora has finer hair than the Persian. It is a little bit shorter though. The down hairs are almost as long as the guard hairs. Awn hairs are also missing. The only breed that has this type of fur is the Turkish Angora.

<Angora type hair

Maine Coon
The guard hairs are as long as the Persian's but are uneven and coarser. This type has a very dense undercoat and no awn hairs. Three breeds share this type: the Maine Coon Cat, the Norwegian Forest Cat and the Cymric.
                                                                                              Maine Coon type hair>

Devon Rex
The Devon Rex has hairs of all three types they are all very short and curly. It is shared by the Rex and American Wirehair.
<Devon Rex type hair

British Shorthair
Most cats have this kind of fur even the longhaired Tiffany, Somali and Birman. The hair has awn, down and guard hairs of the same length. Awn hairs are present but are rare.
                                                                                      Birtish Shorthair type hair>
<Siamese type hair
This type of coat has two variations the longhaired one and the shorthaired one. It has only guard hairs and short awn hairs. The longhaired version belongs to the Turkish Van and the Balinese, while the shorthaired version is owned solely by the Siamese.

Before you view the encyclopedia please see the information below, it'll help you to choose what color  hair dye you want or bewilder your friends by calling yourself, human style, something like this: "brown tabby and white with gold eyes" or "lynx-point ticked with hazel eyes".

Firstly, you must know how cats' eyes are shaped for this distinguishes many a breed from another. There are three main types but most cats have an intermediate shape. 

If you don't see the difference then don't worry, you need a trained eye for this.
Why do people bother with this?

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