Cat Tales

   There's always some kind of rare event or amusing habit that you might want to share. Maybe it's the way
you jump down from the book case unto the printer that humans find funny or the way you mark their bed so other cats don't touch it. That causes humans to laugh (although sometimes humans do not keep up with this kind of humor). Whatever it is, if you feel like sharing it this is the page for it. To submit a story just type the story up into E-mail or attach a file, also attach any photos you would like me to put in and send it all to me.

The Story of Snowball, by BuffPuff
Hangin' Out by Kisco, a cat
Seriously Wounded: the Supporting Staff Strikes Back and
Seriously Wounded: Return of the Cat-Eye by Kisco, a cat
The Kitten Named "Woof" by Gregory Oster, a human
The Adventure of Furlock Holmes and the Beryl Can by A. C. Doyle, felinized by Kisco, a cat
Future Cat by Kisco, a cat
Pete and I by Kisco, a cat
Supporting Staff IQ Test by Kisco, a cat
The Felinization Act of 2000 by Kisco, a cat
Sevens Reasons why Cats are Better than Humans by Kisco, a cat
A story about Porridge, Milk and a Grey Cat by Kisco, a cat, after Mamin-Siberiak, a human
The Legacy of King Norwig I, a feline folk saga

My Adventures in the Holy Land by Kisco, a cat
My Adventures in the Catskills by Kisco, a cat
Cats in Paris by Kisco, a cat

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