Cats in Human Fine Arts

      Here, folks, I would like to introduce some masterpieces from my virtual collection, devoted to us. Virtual collections are very convenient: you can move and remove the paintings and other pieces of art as much as you like, you don't need to dust your treasures... I add to my collection as often as I can. To see an enlargement of a picture, click on that picture. If there is no enlargement, nothing will happen. Here is what you can see in my gallery:
In the Wilderness of America: a proud progress to freedom.
Pussy Cat and Pussy Kid: an example of modern realistic art.
Cat 'n' Kids in the work of W.Hogarth.
Cats in Ancient Egyptian Art
Russian Cat at Lunch  (B.Kustodiev)
Bad Caricatures of Cats by notorious Pablo Picasso and Karel Appel. They wanted to disgrace us, but succeded only in disgracing themselves!
"Steal-Lifes" by old masters.
Impressionist's page
Hunting Cats by the so-called "primitivists".
Martyred Animals
Ashamed Cats
Cat in Prison
Cats at Home where the cats aren't actually involved with humans
Kitten by Stubbs
Restaurant Cats
Eden Lost
Poor but Happy
Royal Cat
Pierre Bonnard

    Personally, I am crazy about fine arts, especially old masters. If you love it too, you may like to go to a website one of my human helpers made. Of course it's only made by a homo sapiens, but it's not bad for one. So if you're interested click here

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