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The Cat Who Went to Heaven. 
by Elizabeth Coatsworth
(Winner of the Newbery Medal! Wow! Maybe we cats can also award some prizes.)


     This is the story of a Buddhist painter and his cat. The painter got the chance of his life, he was told to make a picture of Buddha in heaven. Everything would have been fine, but cats are said to be wicked animals because when Buddha needed help, all animals came except the cat. The painter loved his cat very much and he couldn’t bear leaving it out so he drew it. When a priest came over to see the painting he was shocked. He told the painter that this was the worst job he ever did and was about to rip it when suddenly Buddha’s hand in the picture moved to cover the cat. The book is very kind and teaches of love for cats (very important!). I disagree with Buddhists on the matter of cats, but at least they merely ignore us. There used to be other cults who either sacrificed us, or even burned us as witches. (See the article Let's Settle This Once and For All).

The Cat Who Wished to be a Man
by Lloyd Alexander

     A very interesting story about a cat with an unnatural (and rather stupid) desire: he wanted to become a man! His human friend wisely warned him against this but to no avail. The stubborn cat had his wish fulfilled and armed with unsatisfiable curiosity the ignorant feline strolled off into town. In the beginning everything went well. But soon the cat got himself into trouble (only to be expected, going about as a human like that!). Still the cat sees good stuff in a human's life and becomes so human in a few days that his human friend is unable to turn him back to a cat. And so man he stays (a good lesson to him).  To my mind this is all impossible, and not only because of the changing from cat to human; no sane feline would want to be a human. The thousands of daily dangers, the risk... plus no one will clean the litter box! Nevertheless this book is quite enjoyable and funny.

Time Cat
by Lloyd Alexander


     Jason, the main character, and many other humans believe that a cat has nine lives. For most cats this isn't true, but once in every few generations a special cat is born that has nine lives. The lives of this cat can be in any place and at any time. Jason's cat, Gareth, is one of these "Novevivas". One day Gareth decides to show Jason his lives, which is a very irresponsible thing to do: humans are usually too stupid to grasp time travel and would upon return submit the cause of it, namely the cat, to some secret service or other. Luckily Jason is a good supporting staff member and didn't betray Gareth. This is a very good book and shows humans' attitude to cats at different times through the ages.

Cool Cats Calm Kids
by Mary L. Williams

A book about relaxation for human cubs and about how to be cool, like a cat. Very helpful book, humans should listen to its advice. To be born a cat, in my opinion, is the ultimate blessing, and every living thing should strive for being as close to us as possible. The kids of my household are trying their best and they've come pretty close to achieving it. The picture on the right shows us dreaming our dreams.

by Robert Westall
    Lord Gort, a cat (of course), runs away from home after its favorite servant who was sent away to the British Air Force as a bomber pilot. The year is 1939, the second world war. The cat follows him south, hitching a ride on a platooon train to Dover, as the bombings of England start. The human Lord Gort is seeking is sent to the USA via Canada so for a while she (for Lord Gort is a she) can't find him. Wandering aimlessly around the cat changes many a person's heart. Her "owner" returns at last the cat follows his trail to the airport next to which his house stands but the man is sent away again. While waiting for his return, the cat befriends the fighter pilots. At first they believe Lord Gort is bringer of luck but after an evil coincidence she is viewed as the angel of death. By a sad mistake Tommy, the back gunner of a bomber and Lord Gort's best friend, ejects out of his plane taking Lord Gort with him. They wind up in Germany at great risk they make it back to England. Sadly the order to execute Lord Gort because she returned from Fascist Germany was issued but her human protects her.

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