Sphynxes are bald. Period. Please take a little time to digest this. They have the least fur covering of any other cat breed.
      Sphynxes are totally indoor cats as thorns, sharp stones and the claws of other cats that "hairy" felines might not notice can cause wounds on the sphynx. Even brushing against a wall may cause scratches. The great outdoors also hold more subtle traps for the sphynx: sphynxes are tender, and easily catch colds. Because they lack fur, sphynxes could get skin cancer. Cats don't tan, so they have no protection.
      Sphynxes have characteristically large ears and elongated bodies. Folds appear around the main joints during movement. The tail is rat like and swishy. The limbs are usually long, and the eyes, almond-shaped.
      This is one of the only breeds suitable for allergic humans (Warning: consult your doctor first!).
      Sphynxes are said to be the most affectionate of all cats. This is probably because they are so dependent on humans.
      If you want to get a sphynx, make sure your rooms are draft free and are well heated in the winter. It should be warm enough so that a human can walk around naked without risking a cold. If you are away at work with no one at home, this is not the cat for you. It is better for big families.
      There are 4 spynx breeds, one of them, the Mexican Sphynx is extinct. The remaining are Donskoy, Petersburg and Canadian Sphynxes.

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