Domestication of Man

     It is unknown for both feline and human scientist when exactly did this occur but based on finds in Jericho the estimate is around 7,000 b.c.e. but we are not sure because those remains may belong to wild cats. This fact was confirmed in 1983 by a curious find when a human archaeological expedition unearthed a 6,000-year-old feline jaw bone. Since there are no wild cats in Cyprus and no one would take some wild spitting maniac on a boat the cat was an early domesticater.
      Human domestication happened shortly after the beggining of agriculture. Large stores of grain were made and rodents were plentiful. We helped humans by hunting these rodents and they let us in to their homes. Soon humans were completely tamed. In Egypt 3,500 b.c.e. (or 3,500 a.d. in cat measures) we were worshipped as gods but that is a different story.

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