Cat Haters: Isadora Duncan

      I have delayed the construction of this particular page for a long time. What at last forced me to start it is the following (I found this info on Internet): a beautiful Maine Coon cat is called by the name of one of our greatest enemies! This tyrant and official cat killer is the famous human dancer Isadora Duncan.

     In Neuilly, France, Isadora Duncan (1878-1927), the world famous American dancer and choreographer (although I believe cats dance better than any human), lived next door to a cat sanctuary whose inhabitants kept invading her garden (we have the right to do that according to unwritten law). Isadora detested cats. She ordered her servants to kill cats; at one point, several cats were hung right in the garden of the cat sanctuary! Duncan's life ended in a very deserving way. For those who don't know, Isadora was choked by her very own scarf which got caught around the wheel of her car, not the steering wheel, mind you, the outside wheel. Many cats were happy to see her go. The otherwise good reputation of this human was ruined totally in my perspective by her crazy hate of cats. This is the most recent, serious cat killer. I e-mailed to the beautiful Maine Coon already, she must demand that her humans should give her another name. 
      This page was created in memory of Claude, Jean and Mimi, the cats who were hanged by Isadora Duncan and the only ones whose bodies were ever recovered. 

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