My Adventures in the Holy Land II

Below: my usual prey.
     A cat cannot be called a cat if it rejects such an opportunity. So, loyal to my name, I followed the trail, even though I knew I was heading for another battle but this wasn’t territory, this was more important, so full of determination I continued. Soon I found the target I was heading for. The other male cats hissed at me: they didn’t want any competition. I hissed right back and told them to do something anatomically impossible (ahem). This made them even angrier. Suddenly with a cry of “Get the @#&! American” they were on me they were on me. I kicked and hissed and even got one across his face, bloodying his nose and ear but they had the advantage of numbers and finally I ran. So much for romance. At least they didn’t get the female cat either because she fled during our battle…
      I returned home weary and ragged. All I wanted is rest. The sun would soon be up.
      “Oh my god! What happened to this cat?”
      Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! I ran like crazy but my supporting staff caught up with me. No not Darth Vet! I tore at everything in my range. If they were going to take me to Darth Vet I was going to force them to go to surgery.
      “You’ll never make me! Never, you hear?” I mewed in their faces.

      I scowled at my arch nemesis Darth Vet through the bars of my prison. He was preparing to give me a shot. “Against rabies” he had told my supporting staff but I knew his tricks. He thinks I’m some sort of furry pincushion. But already I had hatched a daring escape plan.
      Darth vet filled his syringe with a liquid from a bottle.
      He tested it and moved towards my cage and opened it.
      With a furious howl my legs unfolded like twin pistons and I hurled at Darth Vet. He said something in Hebrew, undoubtedly a curse. The syringe fell out of his hands as he dodged, crashing into a table. Roaring he pursued but skidded on the discarded hypodermic and fell.
      I ran into the waiting room. “Hey that’s Kisco!..”

      I struggled as the needle went into me but three pairs of hands pinned firmly to the steel table.
      “That’s it.” Said Darth Vet.
      I mewled angrily and he took a little jump away from the table. At least that was a small triumph. I stood up and mewled at him some more and that’s why I didn’t see my HMSS (Head Member of Supporting Staff) and his helper approach me from behind. I only found this out when strung out by scruff of neck and tail I was pushed into my cage. I wouldn’t forgive them for a long time. And that is how my first month in Israel ended and with it, my suffering, or at least most of my suffering: the air conditioner arrived and so did the furniture… of course there was the little trouble with the scent marking…
      Anyway the second part of my… let’s say prison term, in Israel began. It all started with a visit to Old Jaffa.
(To be continued, hopefully soon)

^ Me under the air conditioning.

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