Cat Tales

Pete and I
     Pete, a 50 kilogram German shepherd (you know, the army dog type), has lived with my supporting staff long before I arrived or was born. Although our relations were strained at first, to say the least, we have become good friends. He helps me keep out cat intruders (not many cats will continue to fight to the continuous sound of barking) and I guard his food bowl from other cats in his absence. Pete is currently five years old, six in August, almost thrice as old as me (2). 
     When I was a young cat, only two months, he joined me in cat games such as "attack your neighbor and try to scratch his eyes out" or "sink your teeth into your neighbors ears and kick him on the nose". And I joined him in his. Dog games are much less fun though.
      I just want to say that no cat ever found a better friend in a dog. 
      Once long before "The Great Domestication of Dogs" cats and dogs were friends. But after dogs were domesticated cats didn't want to stay with them. We declared independence on the 4th of July 90,000 b.c. This is called the Great Feline Revolution.

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