Hangin' Out

      As night settles in and cats start to come out of their various sleeping places to sort out "business" I occupy my favorite guard post. From there I can see every corner in the yard, a large part of the neighboring yard and most of the driveway. No action from other cats on my territory can pass unseen. Above me is a kind of tent roof from which I can easily enter into the room of a handy human servant and get fed, it also protects me from owls, a couple of whom I have seen. Eight feet below me is the floor. On my guard post I'm inaccessible to any passing coyote or wolf (although I've never actually met one, which is strange, maybe the smell of humans puts them off). A dimple on the tent roof above me shows that a tresspasser is bold enough to venture on my land...hmmm. My nose confirms it: the tresspasser is Rats, my arch-enemy! With an angry meow, I scramble upwards to get a hand hold before he pushes me off.
      "Where's that darn cat?" A voice from a window exclaims but I ignore it. Halfway across the roof stands Rats, eyes narrowed, ears flat against his head.
      "Get away, meeeooow!" He yowls (the meow is also a word but not usually found in any self-respecting Catish-English dictionary). I prepare a rebuke but suddenly Rats turns and runs.
      "Ha ha!" I yell after him. Then I realize what caused Rats to turn tail. It was a servant of mine! Firm hands grab me and take me inside, but not for long. In a few minutes Rats and I are gripped in deathlock claws firmly locked. A rock thrown by an annoying neighbor separate us but only for a moment. Shouting a stream of curses the neighbor proceeds to drench us with a hose. Hearing the commotion my supporting staff wakes up. It is really mad. In the ensuing dispute with the neighbor, I slip away, for while my owners are distracted this is only for a moment and I'm the next one to recieve punishment.
      By morning all my sins of the night will be forgotten. This is another night in my life.

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