If anybody thinks of Eastern cats, they automatically think of the Siamese or Birman or any other cat possesing the colorpoint coloration. They don't give a second thought to the Pixie, Curilsk, American and Japanese Bobtails. In fact, and you won't believe this, the "bobtail" or at least "hooked tail" gene is several times more common than the colorpoint one. Many Siamese, Hawaiian cats , some Korean cats and lots of Islander cats have it.
      Let's take for example the island Samuye. Not big, around 400 sq. miles it is mostly covered in coconut plantations. Although the island is considered a tourist attraction, it has no big hotels or crowded beaches, only inns, rentable villas and bungalows. There are only two towns and about twenty thai villages. Cats are very respected.
      At first glance the felines look like ordinairy European cats but after a while you begin to notice the differences. The most common coat color is black or black and white. All the cats are shorthairs. To get to the point, around five out of every thirty five cats had a visible bend in their tails! I wrote this to give you something to think about.

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