Breed Popularity

      The moggie (moggie means a cat without a breed) always predominated in numbers as Human domesticators. About 90% percent of all feline supporting staffs are owned by moggies.Well-bred cats are rare by comparison. But of these breeds, which is the most popular one? 
      In the early 18th century, these were the shorthairs, aristocratic versions of the moggie. Then the longhairs, Persians and Angoras, arrived on the scene from Turkey, along with my ancestors. Although Angoras were much more favored at first, the Persians pushed them out, but by that time, Siamese cats and other exotic breeds had immigrated from the Far East. And of course, breeders were ever-present to create more and more varieties.
      Back to our question: which breed is most popular? The easiest way to find out is by checking the breed registration of a cat organization. The largest one is CFA (Cat Fancier's Association). Here are the figures that researchers found. The dominance of the Persian was to be expected but the actual amount is surprising.
Breed Registrations
Persian 79.4% (!)
Siamese 5.5%
Abyssinian 3.6%
Maine Coon 2.8%
Burmese 1.9%
Oriental Shorthair 1.6%
American Shorthair 1.6%
Exotic Shorthair 1.3%
Scottish Fold 1.2%
Colorpoint Shorthair 1.1%

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