Classic and Extremist

      Since the owner of this site (me, of course) is a Persian I should write something about Persians, I thought a few days ago. I skimmed through a couple of magazines and in of them my eyes stumbled upon an article. It read roughly as follows:

      "Blah blah. Many people like the classic variation of the Persian* and are annoyed when their cats are considered as not corresponding to the standard and placed in the "Domestic Longhair"** section. Blah blah. The classic is an outmoded standard..."

      Wait a sec. Whose outmoded?

       "...Extremist Persians are the new standard. Blah blah. The only way that enthusiasts can resurrect the classic Persian is by creating a new breed called the Iranian Longhair or something. It can never be called Persian though and is it worth the trouble anyway?" 

       I should hope it is. Personally I'm proud of my appearance because it is closer to the original Persian, just look at this last century's etching by the artist Landseer. And, frankly, we look better. I mean an Extremist Persian nose is steadily growing flatter and in a few years will probably be measured as a depth! 
       I'm not saying that Extremists should be eradicated completely, since that would be genocide. There should be two breeds: Extremist and Classic Persian.

       Humans have to complicate things. The standard for the Persian says 'short nose', a vague description if there ever was one. So, of course, the nose, under human influence, is steadily becoming shorter and shorter with every generation of Persians. I believe that it's around time to stop. Thankfully, this has started in some European countries. Germany, one example I can think of, has passed laws forbidding the breeding of super-extremist Persians because it is not healthy for the cats.

Look at this poor result of people's experiments: an extremal without any nose at all! Do humans really think it's beautiful, to say nothing about healthy?

Discuss it!

* The classic variation has a longer nose than the extremist one. I am a classic.
** A polite way to say "breedless".

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