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Spot a Cat
by Lucy Micklethwait


     This is a book about human art, devoted to us, cats. The book is nice but, personally, I don't understand abstract painting, all those colored spots and geometry, and the stuff like that. Luckily, there are also beautiful realistic pictures, where you could destinguish between a cat and other beings and things. An excellent art book for 3-5 year old human kittens.

Good Cats, Bad Habbits
by Alice Rhea


     Of course, cats don't have bad habbits, it's just that humans' good manners are different from cats' good manners, so a more fitting title would be "Good cats and their habits". Anyway this book is about teaching cats human good manners. It is very detailed and is based on actual, real-life problems people had. It covers almost everything from such wide-spread problem as ignoring litter boxes to rarer problems like a believe that humans should change their own habits to suit cats, not other way around. We, cats, must admit, that living among humans we should try to follow their rules, at least behave, as if we do.

Alaska Cat
by JoAnn Roe


     This story is about a cat who survived a terrible shipwreck. After being swept on the beach of an island he was found by two boys and their father. Then one day a bear cub chased after the boys, and then his mother-bear joined the chase! And our hero Marco, the cat, saved his human friends. How he did it you will find out if you read the book. It is very, very exciting and all the humans between 6 and 8 (the beginning readers they are called) will like it. I am absolutely sure!

Reigning Cats and Dogs
by Katharine Macdonogh


     When I read this book I was greatly disappointed! Despite its title the books contains only few fact about cats! Of its 300 pages only 3 are devoted to us! This is an outrage and I demand our name be removed from the title! I have to admit, however,  that the volume is elegantly written and designed and would appeal to those who love human history, whether they love dogs or not.

Kittens in the Kitchen. Animal Ark series.
by Ben M.Baglio

     Humph! What a cruel human guy is in this book! Only because a mother cat gave birth to her kittens on his best shirts he wants to throw them out! There is also a human child, who tries to do her best for the kittens, but what does she know? She started to give them to different people! And she left one on the cold stone front steps, and the poor guy wailed for half an hour until the owner of the house came and picked him up!!! The kittens were only one week old! Who will teach them to behave, to hunt and to do a lot of other small but essential things felines must know and could learn only from their mother? How brainless and heartless people can be!
Some pages in the book are really sentimental and touching, though.
For 5-8 year olds.

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