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The Cat History of Western Art
by Susan Herbert

     This is a great book but, no offense meant to anyone, the pictures aren't practice drawings by famous artists, as suggested by the author, Susan Herbert, and Associate Professor of University of Catalina Island Genevieve McCahen, who wrote an Introduction. The pictures are relics of an ancient feline civilization that lived on a continent called Pacifis, which later sunk beneath the waves (only a small island, Catalina, captured now by humans, remains). The famous human artists mentioned, in fact plagiated the paintings, changing cats to humans as they went along and, of course, inserting their signatures. Here are some examples:
      This British Shorthair (on the left) has nothing to do with religion, despite the fact that his dress is similar to that of a Cardinal (which Raphael cunningly used to perform his plagiate). The cat is actually a scientist, and not just any the scientist, he's Felinus Caticus who discovered the Cure for Leukemia (which is the equivalent of the human Cure for Cancer). Sadly his discovery was lost to time.
      The top picture, which was changed to "God creating Adam" by Michelangelo, was not painted in Pacifis like the others you will find in the book, but later, after Pacifis sunk. It shows the cats leaving Pacifis. Not all the cats could fit on the things that the Pacifians used to escape, so some remained on the continent (Pacifis is like the human Atlantis and is believed to contain technologies that excede anything that we could ever imagine. Unlike Atlantis there is plenty of proof that Pacifis exists). Another theory is that the picture shows the opposite: Pacifi felines arriving on the the known continents and being greeted by the natives. Personally, I vote for the latter as the position of the white Pacifian's legs suggests that he is moving towards the cat on the beach and not away from him.

      In the book you will see many lost pictures of our great art masters. Many thanks to Susan Herbert for bringing these feline relics to light.

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