In the Wilderness of America

Look at this painting: a cat and his human friends descending the Missouri after a successful hunt. The picture was painted by George Caleb Bingham (American painter 1811-1879). Currently the picture is in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Mew York. I've been to this museum, if you are not fond of arts, like me, you still will find it attractive for there are mice in great abundance, haunting the quieter corners. These are the most educated and bright rodents in the country. They are best in gravy. Anyway, back to the painting. In the art book I refered to there was some stuff about melancholic tones, romance, human life in early America etc., etc. But I like this painting because it shows the cat sitting proudly in front, leading humans to glory (unless of course it's not, in which case it's showing its proud independence).

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