Bad Caricatures of Cats

This picture is by Pablo Picasso, kept in the Picasso Museum in Paris, and contrary to evidence of the eyes it, in fact, shows a cat. Books say that this is the very essence of cat existence and that he got the cat in a nutshell using simple geometric shapes, etc. People say that Picasso was talented and a genius and geniuses aren't understood in their time. Cats say: "So? Say what you like, the man can't draw." Unfortunately lots of people are fooled so we just let them get on with it (as long as they feed us and clean out the litter box that is). Maybe one day the time to understand Picasso will come people will see what a hopeless fraud he is.
Look at this hybrid of a cow, dachshund and I don't know what else! And it's called a "Cat"! The name of the "genius" who dared to call this freak a cat is Karel Appel, and his masterpiece is in a private collection (thank God!). I hope it will never appear in a decent museum to scare the public. O tempora, o mores!

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