Cats acquiring (ahem, ahem) their rightful share in their supporting staff's profits. These pictures are good not like modern artists who spill a pot of paint on a piece of canvas and call it a cat. Why don't they do proper work like the old masters?  Luckily there still are a few artists who actually draw, but they are hopelessly outnumbered by those who don't. I don't call throwing paint about at random 'art', I call it a mess, even we can do better than that and we can't even hold a brush properly.
      Anyway back to these four paintings. The top left one is by Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin; top right is a fresco from Pompeii dated back to 250 B.C. (unfortunately the name of the author is lost); the middle one is by Frans Snyders, kept in the Staatliche Museum, Berlin and the bottom one is by Stephen Elmer. There seems to have been a tradition of painting eating cats at table. Humans call it "stealing" but it is hunting and if humans had fed us properly then this wouldn't happen. Despite this, some of the best paintings of cats are these (at least I think so). For some reason these pictures are classified as "still-life", but cats aren't still! A better category would be "cat's life" or "steal-life". Don't you think so?

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