Pierre Bonnard


Sitting Woman with a Cat. Oil on canvas. 1892-98. Private collection.

The White Cat. 1894. Oil on canvas. 
Musee D'Orsay, Paris, France

      Pierre Bonnard, like all Impressionists, made a lot of cat pictures, so his appearance in Catland's select gallery was unavoidable. What made me take the final step towards converting potential to reality was this: there was an exhibition of Bonnard's art at the local gallery. This all seems very nice, inspiring and poetic...but... I didn't go. My supporting staff didn't take me there, even though they knew perfectly about my love of art, so I was forced to read about Bonnard in a book. While doing that I stumbled onto these four pictures.
      All four of them are good. My favourite is "The Cat" because it shows cat nature perfectly: just look at those narrowed eyes and straight back!

The Cat, illustration for "Histores naturelles"

My companions, 
illustration for "Histores naturelles"

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