Hunting Cats

The Cat, anonymous, mid-nineteenth century, 
Edgar W. & Bernice C. Garbisch Collection, America
      This page is the opposite of the Cat "Stealing" page. Here the cats are hunting for themselves. Also please notice that the top painting is in the style called 'primitive painting'. Judge for yourself: which is more primitive, Piccaso or this? All three pictures are anonymous. In the top one (called The Cat) the artist seems to have exaggerated the head of the cat and then eschewed the body. The bottom left one (called A Cat Among Birds) depicts a feline staring intently at various birds and small animals. The bottom right one shows a cat as it is about to pounce on an unsuspecting robber. These are good images that show us as creatures of duty and independence as we protect humans from the harassers of the animal world.

A Cat Among Birds, anonymous, early eighteenth century Ruthland Gallery, London

Anonymous, Gavin Graham Gallery, London

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