Cats in Interiors

A.Bobrov, 1849-1899. Dvornik's lodge in the Academy of Fine Arts. 1830s. Oil on canvas. 45.6x36.4. A dvornik is a servant who takes care of the yard and the pavement in front of a house.

Samuel van Hoogstraten, 1627-1678, Dutch, Perspective View Down a Corridor, 1662, oil on canvas 102 1/2x53 1/2 (260x136 cm), Dyrham Park, Avon
     These cats are actually not doing anything that has to do with humans; this is very rare in the works of old masters (maybe cats had different tastes back then and liked to be portrayed with their human pets). Modern cat-loving painters more often depict us alone (like we usually are). The picture on the left is a cat training to hunt (or as humans crudely put it "playing"). The picture on the right is of a cat quite offended by a dog who is stubbornly standing under a possible future meal (at the very top).

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