Ashamed Cats


W.H. Hunt (1827-1910). The Awakening Conscience. 1853. Oil on canvas. Tate Gallery, London.

Teniers, David the Younger (1610-90). An Old Peasant Caresses a Kitchen Maid in a Stable. 1610, oil on wood. National Gallery, London.

     These cats are disgusted by the way the humans are acting. Humans consider that cats are (ahem) erotic. In fact, cats are romantic, they sing to their lovers (I mean just because humans have no taste in music is no reason to criticize us). Some humans don't even bother to say 'hello'. I feel sorry for the cat in the left picture: look how horified she is! The one on the right picture is so ashamed of his head servant that he's hurrying away rapidly.

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