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 Forum: ask questions and get answers
 Cat Breeds:
     Scientific Stuff About Feline Physical Characteristics
      Breed Index On this page you can see photos and names of different breeds. To read about the breed click on its name.

 Cat Photo Gallery:
      On the first page you will see nail-sized photos of the gallery. To enlarge them, click on photo. You can submit your  photos to our gallery.

 Cat History:
      Evolution tells in short about feline evolution.
      Domestication tells in short how man was domesticated.
      Cat Lovers:
       Ancient Cat Lovers
       Ronald Reagan
       Willie Morris
       Cardinal Richelieu
       Winston Churchill
       Knyaz Mikhail Nikolayevich
      Cat Haters:
       Dwight Eisenhower
       Isadora Duncan

 Customs and Habits:
      In this part you can find almost scientific articles on cat appearance, cat behaviour, cat habits... etcetera. 

 General Info on Cat Breeds.
 Breed Popularity: which breeds are the most popular.
 Bobtails: a short tale of a short tail. 
 Extremist vs. Classic. Persians. 
 Let's Settle This Once and for All... An article about human superstitions and prejudices. 
 Rex Cats
 What Cats Do Best: Sleep

 Cat Tales:

Hangin' Out by Kisco, a cat
Seriously Wounded: The Supporting Staff Strikes Back and Return of the Cat Eye by Kisco, a cat
The Kitten Named 'Woof' by Gregory Oster, translated by Kisco, a cat 
The Adventure of Furlock Holmes and the Beryl Can by A. C. Doyle, felinized by Kisco, a cat 
Future Cat by Kisco, a cat
Pete and I by Kisco, a cat
Supporting Staff IQ Test
The Felinization Act of 2000 by Kisco, a cat
Sevens Reasons why Cats are Better than Humans by Kisco, a cat 
A story about Porridge, Milk and a Grey Cat by Kisco, a cat, after Mamin-Siberiak, a human 
The Legacy of King Norwig I, a feline folk saga 
My Adventures in the Holy Land by Kisco, a cat 
My Adventures in the Catskills by Kisco, a cat 
Cats in Paris by Kisco, a cat 

Cats in Human Art:

George Caleb Bingham: In the Wilderness of America
Alexander Shilov: Pussy Cat and Pussy Kid
William Hogarth: Cat 'n' Kids
      Cats in Ancient Egyptian Art
Boris Kustodiev: Russian Cat at Lunch
Pablo Picasso and Karel Appel: Bad Caricatures of Cats
      Impressionist's page
Primitivists: Hunting Cats
Lucien Freud and Ivan Rabuzin: Martyred Cats
W.H. Hunt and David Teniers: Ashamed Cats
John de Critz: Cat in Prison
A. Bobrov and Samuel van Hoogstraten: Cats at Home
George Stubbs: Kitten
Lorenzo Lotto and Federico Barocci: Annunciation
Paul Gauguin and Boris Kustodiev: Restaurant Cats
Jan Brueghel the Younger: Eden Lost
Nicolaes Maes: Good-for-Nothing
Gerard Terboch and Louis Le Nain:  Poor but Happy
V. Schwarz: Royal Cat
      Pierre Bonnard - the Cat Painter
 Books  About Us:
     In this part you can find Kisco's recommendations on books about cats. If you are looking for books about breeds, then try the Cat Breeds section first, at the end there usually is a list of recommended books on the breed.

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